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Tigaz and Jenny at Church Town Gardens Southport

Tigaz looking after Jenny while she sleeps

One day in December 2004 Daddy was given a fluffy toy by a supplier in work as a Christmas gift.
That night Daddy came home wearing his big warm flying jacket - it was very cold.
Hidden in the jacket he had the toy. "Jenny, he said, I have some thing for you, close your eyes and hold out your hands" He placed the small fluffy toy in her hands, "open" he said.
"A Tigaz" squeeled Jenny who being only two could not say Tiger, "A Tigaz, A Tigaz". She loved him from the moment she set eyes on him and from that day to this he is still called Tigaz. (Tie - gaz)
Tigaz goes everywhere with Jenny including Salou, Ibiza, Jersey, Wales, Stroud, Blackpool and many more. and has become part of our family.

Tigaz sleeps with Jenny every night and has been cuddled so much that he is now rather tatty and not the fluffy Tigaz he was when he was new, (She hates it when he needs to go in the washing machine, though Tigaz quite likes going round and round!) but Jenny loves him just the way he is and wouldn't swap him for the world.

Every night Tigaz and all his friends the Tigaz'is have sausages - they love Sausage time and always jump all over Jenny when they have finished - bet you didn't know that Tigaz'is loved sausages did you?

Tigaz having sausages - Sausage Time!!!